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Price List

Daily group tours:
You will find the prices of our daily group tours on the page describing them.


Private tours:
For our individually-designed private tours, prices depend on the duration of the tour, the number of tourists, the season, the city, and other factors. For these reasons, we compute a specific price for each individual client.


However, to give you an idea, the price of a driving tour for:

2 people starts at 50 Euros per hour
3 - 4 people starts at 60 Euros per hour
5 - 6 people starts at 70 Euros per hour
Group = more than six people and set a special per-person price for these tours


We take credit card details to confirm our tours, but this is just a security against last minute cancellations, and we do not charge in advance or take a deposit. To pay, we can either charge the card shortly beforehand, or you can stop by our office here in the Jewish Quarter to settle everything in person.


Our private tour price does not include meals, tips or admission fees to museums, cathedrals etc.


Please contact us for the price of your special tour.

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