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Precious Legacy Tours, a travel agency specializing in Jewish guides of Prague, wishes to introduce you to the following fascinating sights of Eastern/Central Europe: The Old Jewish Quarter of Prague (with its many historical synagogues), remnants of Jewish life and heritage in the Czech Republic and other Eastern/Central European countries, Holocaust Memorials and former Concentration Camps (Terezin, Mauthausen, and Auschwitz) and much more ...








The Jewish presence in Prague dates back to the city's founding over 1000 years ago. PRAGUE'S JEWISH QUARTER is one of the oldest and best preserved in Europe. Many important historical figures from the past millennium have come from Prague's JEWISH COMMUNITY. These figures include Rabbi Löw (world famous Kabbalists and creator of the Golem), famous “court jew” Morchedai Maisel, and the renowned writer FRANZ KAFKA. On our walking tour of Prague's Jewish Quarter you'll see five famous synagogues MAISEL SYNAGOGUE, Klausen Synagogue, Pinkas Synagogue, Spanish Synagogue and the Old-New Synagogue (the oldest still in use). You will also get to walk through Prague's oldest Jewish cemetery which dates back to the 14th century Another one of our popular destinations is the former concentration camp, TEREZIN (Theresienstadt).


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Originally built as an Austro-Hungarian military outpost, Terezin was, in 1941, converted by Hitler into a holding camp for Jews. While Terezin itself was not an extermination camp, thousands of Jews who were held at Terezin were eventually transported to death camps such as AUSHWITZ and BIRKENAU. The Nazi used Terezin as a propagandistic tool to cover up the atrocities really taking place. On your educational tour of you will be accompanied by a special Precious Legacy Tours guide, either an expert on Terezin or Holocaust survivor.


Managed by Luba Poleva, Ph.D. and Mark Talisman, Private and Group Tours, Tours of Fascinating Jewish Highlights and Hidden Treasures, Information about the Jewish Community, Judaic Art, Souvenirs and Books, Family Roots Assistance, Klezmer Music Kosher / Shabbat Meals, Lectures by Holocaust Survivors, Accommodation, Transportation and much more

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