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European Tours
European Tours

We can arrange tours for you around Central Europe, as well as in the Czech Republic. If you take a large touring package with us, including transportation between cities, then we can arrange a package price for you that you can pay at the central office here in Prague. Alternatively, we can set up individual tours for you, that you'd pay for seperately in each city.

Tours in Poland

Tours in Poland Jewish Warsaw
Drive to the former Jewish Ghetto for a walk along memory lane. Stop at Umschlag Platz, the point where 300,000 Jews were deported to Treblinka. Visit the Old Cemetery (Okopowa) where prominent Polish Jews are buried. Visit the Jewish Historical Institute and Noszyk Synagogue.




Tours in Hungary

It was not until the 13th century that any substantial Jewish community was established in Hungary. At that time, King Bela IV, desperate to restore Hungary’s economy after the devastating Mongol invasion, formally invited people with mercantile experience to enter the country. From that point on, Jewish communities emerged in almost all major Hungarian towns, including Buda, Sopron, Kőszeg, Komárom, Esztergom, and Székesfehérvár. Remnants of medieval synagogues exist today only in Buda and Sopron; such buildings were completely destroyed throughout the rest of the country.



Tours in Austria

The following are available as private tours. Please contact us for rates and booking information.

Vienna Overview
Vienna is remarkable. Its eminent role in history, architecture (gorgeous churches and palaces), art (a myriad of treasures) and music combine to embody the phrase "Old World Charm". We start the tour at Belvedere Palace, a stunning Baroque structure that now houses one of Vienna's most impressive art collections (Medieval, Baroque, Viennese Art Nouveau, works of Gustav Klimt, Egon Schiele and Oskar Kokoschka). Designed as a summer palace for Prince Eugene of Savoy, it has been a sumptuous gilded retreat for princes, dukes and archdukes of the Hapsburg dynasty.




Tours in Germany

This tour will help you gain a better understanding of Berlin's complicated and tragic history. Visit Fasanenstrasse, the seat of the Jewish community in Berlin. The synagogue was destroyed on November 9th 1938; only the portal has survived to this day. The tour includes the following sites:

Kufuerstendamm, the main shopping boulevard once berated by East German propaganda as a "symbol of Western opulence The Kaiser Wilhelm memorial church, whose ruins serve as a reminder of World War II  The Jewish Museum Complex -- housing, exhibitions on the history of Jewish culture in Germany Lindenstrasse, the address of another former synagogue Checkpoint Charlie, the former East-West crossing point managed by U.S. troops -- the Checkpoint Charlie museum nearby is dedicated to various successful, unsuccessful and ingenious attempts to get from East to West Remains of the Cold War and the Wall that divided Berlin for nearly 30 years Potsdamer Platz -- a symbol of Berlin's renewal, it was The Centre of Berlin until it was consumed by the Wall, and has since been transformed from a strangely barren field into a showcase of 21st Century  architecture.




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