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Country Tours
Country Tours

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2. Except for Terezin, the following are available only as private tours. Please contact us for times, rates and booking information. 
3. These full day tours are available only on advanced request
4. Lunch is not included.  
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Escape from the throngs of tourists! Wander off the beaten track and discover the Precious Legacy of Bohemia and Moravia with us on one of our unique Jewish heritage coach tours.

Educational Tour of Terezín

Educational Tour of Terezín (Theresienstadt) Comprehensive Guided Tour of the former Concentration Camp 30 miles north of Prague.

This former ghetto/concentration camp, approximately a one-hour drive from Prague, is a must-see to understand the complicated history that unfolded here in 1941 when the region's thousand-year-old Jewish communities were deported through Terezin -- a way-station to the East and the death camps of Auschwitz, Treblinka and others.



Private tour: available upon request, click here
Group tour: guaranteed departure with a minimum of 3 people
Times: Daily except SAT @ 10:00 a.m.
Duration: Approximately 6 Hrs.
Price: Kč 1300
Entrance Fees : private tours only: 200 Kč per adult, 150 Kč per student or child
Includes: Includes all entrance fees


 Guaranteed departure with a minimum of 3 people


See the Gestapo prison and the Terezin Ghetto Museum to learn what happened to so many innocent people. Actual artifacts, children's drawings, poetry and other rare items have survived their creators to eloquently speak for them. The Crematorium and other memorials also are included.

Jewish Kolín

Jewish Kolín

Join us on a special tour of Kolín, a beautifully preserved medieval town that has been declared a national landmark. One of the oldest Jewish settlements in the Czech Republic, Kolín’s 300-year-old synagogue, ancient cemetery (where Rabbi Low's son and Morchedai Maisel's nephew are buried) and picturesque "Golden Lane" in the Jewish quarter offer a look back at Jewish life in Bohemia. Visit the City Museum with its precious collection of Judaica and other fascinating exhibits. 

Price: see our price list



A Journey through the Ghetto Gates

Visit one of the oldest Jewish settlements in the Czech Republic dating from the 11th century. See four synagogues and pass through the ghetto gates to view a former center of Talmudic study; also see the birthplaces of famous Bohemian Jewish personalities.

Price: see our price list



On the Tracks of Oskar Schindler (Svitavy Region)

Investigate the past of Oskar Schindler (immortalized in Steven Spielberg's film), the man who single-handedly saved 1,200 Jews from death in the extermination camps of Eastern Europe on this tour through Schindler's hometown.

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The Shtetls of Bohemia

Discover the well-preserved, tiny Jewish villages dotting the Bohemian countryside. See three village synagogues and the former Jewish ghetto where Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise, founder of American Reform Judaism, studied the Talmud. Visit a typical Jewish village that now is part of an open-air folk art museum.

These full-day tours are available only on advanced request. 
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Bohemia's Ornate Synagogues (Pilsen, Rakovník, etc.)

See six spectacular synagogues including the third largest temple in the world (just recently restored)! Also included is the small shul where the father of American Reform Judaism, Rabbi Wise, studied the Talmud.  
The following are available as group and private tours. Please contact us for times, rates and booking information.

These full-day tours are available only on advanced request.
Price: see our price list





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